Isabel Oakeshott reveals she will “volunteer at school in any capacity during COVID-19”

In an exclusive interview with political journalist Isabel Oakeshott, she revealed that she would gladly volunteer in any capacity when schools reopen on 1 June.

Isabel is most well known for being the former Political Editor of the Sunday Times and co-author of the autobiography of David Cameron with Lord Ashcroft, ‘Call Me Dave.’

Ms Oakeshott said: “I am happy to be a cleaner, I am happy to marshal in the playgrounds, I will do anything because I think it is important to show that the children come first.”

Isabel later tweeted this remark to her 151,000 followers on Twitter.

Isabel also suggested that the attainment gap will widen if children miss out on further teaching “it’s alright for kids with nice houses, who have got the facilities and support for home schooling and have a nice garden.

“However, it’s not ok for children in deprived families, very dysfunctional households, they are being left to their own devices.”

She continued: “The sooner we can get kids back to school the better. However, we are not going to be able to guarantee that teachers aren’t at risk because that is the setting they work in.”

Full interview with Isabel Oakeshott

There are concerns over implementing the two metre social distancing in schools as it will be difficult for children to follow, especially at such a young age.

When asked whether social distancing would be possible to implement at schools, Isabel commented “I think it is silly to imagine you can keep small children apart and I think it is wrong to try to do so.”

Isabel mentioned the upsetting images of children in France which were released, showing children in chalked out squares in playgrounds.

She commented on this strict social distancing: “That is unsustainable, imagine the army like mentality to enforce that, this will be traumatic for children.”

However, there is uncertainty whether schools will re-open on the 1 June as many councils have said that they are against the planned reopening.

The planned reopening of schools from 1 June, will depend on the rate of virus transmission, in particularly ensuring the R number is at a low level.

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